• Business Negotiations
Does everyone really understand what they are agreeing to? One-on-one or group meetings go smoothly with qualified interpreters making sure that every word is understood. We use our own electronic equipment for simultaneous interpretation together with interpreters who are knowledgeable about the subject matter, thereby achieving an amazing fluidity in the discussion. Each participant is provided with a receiver and all questions and comments are interpreted, allowing every one involved to fully participate in the meetings.

• Seminar / Conference
From small business meetings to large international conferences, we can take care of all the technical details and provide the highest quality interpreting services available.

• Deposition / Courtroom
Don't risk having your efforts wasted in court-your translator's credentials are critical when presenting documents and evidence. Use Federal Court-Certified interpreters. We have the most qualified interpreters for all languages.

• Voice-over
Double the reach of your advertising, video or training film with voice-overs by native speakers. Give your audience the full impact of the message.

• Focus Group - Market Research
We provide simultaneous interpreting services for Market Research and Focus Groups. We have years of experience in the field and have traveled extensively to provide these services. We also have all necessary electronic equipment for rent.