Your One Stop Language Solution for Multilingual Meetings in the US and Internationally

• Conference Interpreting and Technical Services
• Medical Specialization: CME (Link: Medical Interpreting)
• Multilingual Meetings, Contract Negotiations, Technical Trainings
• Court Interpreting: Depositions, Trials, International Arbitration
• Market Research Interpreting
• Legal, Technical, Medical, and all other types of written translation
• All technical services and equipment required for interpreting


Testimonial: “Thank you so much again for your support of SecurePort 2007 – it was a great event thanks to you ... I’d like to offer a suggestion for use of Donatti interpretation. PHA used them ... and they were so impressive that we contracted with them to support SecurePort 2007. We’ve used several in the past and have been around many companies, but Donatti stands out to us and I wanted to pass that recommendation along."
Ray Barberesi. Secure Ports

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